History Milestone 4: Dry Ice, Lunch on a Skyscraper, and a Well-Established Tradition of Excellence

For a company fueled by growth and expansion, the past two decades have been years of stability for CK Supply. Every new service, every welding course, every new branch office was established to provide quality industrial gases and our brand of complete customer service. This two-decade period was marked by some important milestones.

We Expand Our Products to Include Dry Ice

In 2014, CK Supply saw an opportunity to provide quality bulk dry ice to our customers. Instead of relying on sources that were outside of the St. Louis area, or using dry ice supplies that have been in storage, we sought to be the local source for high-quality dry ice. With so many commercial and industrial applications, dry ice is a natural market for a company like ours.

We Dedicate Our Admiration to the Men and Women Who Built Our Country and Our Business

At CK, we don’t take the past lightly. The trials and successes and struggles we endure are the factors that make us what we are today. That’s why we commissioned a sculpture based on an iconic picture of workers eating lunch on the open girders of the 69th floor of the Rockefeller Center in New York City. The meaning of this photo is more than the audacity of the workers eating lunch; to us, it is a symbol of the hard work and determination of our generations and the ones who came before us. Each figure eating lunch on our sculpture represents one of our longtime vendors, representing our belief that the best business relationships are those based on mutual trust and respect.

We Serve Our Customers During Troubled Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on businesses of every size and in every industry. CK Supply is no exception. We have adjusted our policies at all locations to adhere to social distancing guidelines, offering curbside pickup of products, lockers, and expanded delivery. This is not only to keep our employees and customers safe, but to maintain the level of service our customers have come to expect.

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