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CK Supply: Always Adapting To Customer Needs

Business doesn’t always fit in the 9am to 5pm timeframe. In the past, customers would have to wait for our locations to open before they could pick up the products they ordered but didn’t need delivered. Customer expectations are changing and to adapt to them, CK is excited to announce the availability of our first 24/7 pick up lockers at our O’Fallon & St. Louis Missouri locations.

How It Works

Running late?  Do you need an after hours pick up of vital gas or welding supplies? Our O’Fallon & St. Louis Missouri locations are happy to oblige.

Once the product is purchased, our customers are given a one-time unique code that they use to access the locker. The lockers come in different sizes to accommodate what the customer needs.

Locker 1 is capable of fitting up to 6 cylinders while lockers 2 and 3 can fit up to three.

Welding Wire, Safety Equipment, Regulators, Dry Ice, and other products can be stored in lockers 4, 5 and 6.

For more information or to utilize the pick up locker, reach out to our O’Fallon (636) 272-3400 & St. Louis (314)644-3500 locations

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