CK Supply is Proud to Give Back to Our Community

CK Supply Understands That Outreach Matters to Our Community.

Our company has been based in the St. Louis area since the 1940’s and over the years we have grown and matured alongside the community. We are proud to educate our community, show kindness, meet new faces, and give the community a glimpse of CK’s tradition and culture. Here are a few of our most recent events:

Manufacturing Day

CK Supply attended MFG Day, along with 1,100 St. Charles County students from grade school to high school on October 1st to demonstrate our welding equipment and show the community what we are all about. We set up an Augmented Arc virtual welder to give students a glimpse into industrial welding as a career. Our participation showed the students what modern manufacturing facilities are like, what our company does, who our customers are, what kinds of jobs are available at CK, and what skills and education are needed to qualify for and succeed in a career with industrial manufacturers.

Together We Rise

One community initiative that CK Supply is proud to support is Together We Rise, an organization that works to bring positive change to children in foster care. Every day there are 400,000 – 500,000 children in the foster care system in the United States. An eye-opening statistic to be sure but over 50% of these children will change homes three times with nothing more than a trash bag to carry their belongings. CK donated bags to Together We Rise to distribute to foster children throughout the Metro-East to give them something of their own to take with them to their new homes.

CK Supply: Community Focused

Part of what makes CK Supply such as success as a business is our dedication to our employees and our community. Our business is local, independent, family owned and operated, and most of all, community focused. If you have any questions about our outreach efforts, please give us a call.

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