Personal Protection Equipment

CK Supply offers a wide range of safety equipment and personal protection equipment for welders and other people who need to handle gases.

PPE For Your Industry

Safe Welding With Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is is essential for welders and for anyone handling welding equipment and gases. Welding and cutting can expose an individual to hazardous metal fumes, UV radiation, burns, shocks, bright lights, and excessive heat. Even the act of welding means a worker may need to stand or sit in an unnatural position for long periods of time or even work under hazardous indoor and outdoor conditions.

It is very important for welders to have the right protective gear to help prevent workplace injuries, and, along with high-quality industrial gases, CK Supply offers a wide range of personal protection gear for professional and personal use.

  • Eye Protection: Protection for the eyes and face is one of the most important PPE a welder can have and is required for any form of welding or cutting.
  • Wearable PPE: Clothing, arms, and hands are especially vulnerable to the heat and sparks given off when welding or cutting.

Get the Quality You Need With CK Supply

We carry everything a professional or hobbyist welder will need to achieve the best possible results, including a wide range of welding wires. If you have questions about any of our wire options, shield gases, personal protection equipment, or anything related to welding, our experts are standing by to answer any questions.

Welding Helmets

Helmets protect the face and neck from sparks and heat but, more important, the helmet is designed to block radiant energy and light radiation from arcs or flames that can injure a welder’s eyes. Helmets are rated with a lens shade number that indicates the amount of light radiation that can pass through the shade, and choosing a helmet with the proper lens shade number is important to the type of welding the worker intends to do.

Welding Gloves

A welder should never work without gloves. The right welding glove is an important piece of PPE because it has to be thick enough to provide protection from heat and sparks yet allow dexterity for performing complicated tasks. Heat-proof gloves can be made of leather, canvas, or metal mesh and some models protect the forearm up to the elbows.

Weld Goggles

Eye injuries are common and weld goggles are a lighter and smaller alternative to traditional welding helmets. They are meant to be worn with hard hats and are a popular option for welders needing to work in tight spaces where a helmet might prove too heavy or bulky.

Safety Glasses

For those who have to work in areas with reflective glare, airborne dust, and debris, safety glasses are essential. The glasses we offer are suitable for employees who need to be in potentially dangerous areas as well as visitors and inspectors.

Welding Caps and Headwear

A popular item for welders working outdoors are liners for workers who want an additional layer of comfort and protection under their helmets or goggles.

Welding Aprons

Aprons are popular for heavy welding jobs as an additional layer of protection. Some include conveniently located pockets to keep important tools close while keeping a worker’s body and clothing protected from heat and sparks.

Welding Jackets

A jacket is standard gear for welding. A stronk non-flammable material needs to protect the body from sparks and molten metal. While leather is the traditional material for welding apparel because it isn’t flammable, some welders find leather to be too hot. Alternative materials like fire-resistant cotton are good for comfort.

For High-Quality Equipment, Premium, Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service, Trust CK Supply.

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