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Manufacturing companies have a legal responsibility to keep working environments free of welding fumes. Fumes can be harmful to technicians and operations, and even light duty welding operations must provide welding fume extractors to ensure safety. Potentially harmful air contaminants include dust, fumes, mists, fibers, gases, vapors, and smoke. Regular exposure to any amount of polluted air can lead to illness. Occupational asthma, eye irritation, rash, and other complications, which can lead to a workforce reduction and lost profits.

There are many solutions for installing efficient fume extraction systems. Extraction units can be wall mounted or bench top models for smaller welding operations. There is also a wide selection of portable fume extractors for welding applications on the go. Finally, selecting the right filter media depends on the type of contaminants you’ll produce. For instance, activated carbon filters excel at removing solder smoke. No matter the size of your operation, a dependable weld fume extractor is a must for you and your team.

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Need a heavy-duty fume extractor for rental? Whether you need equipment for a day or months, CK Supply has a convenient rental program and a fleet of high-quality machinery for purchase. We rotate stock frequently to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and reliable rental equipment from top producers in the industry. As we switch our inventory, we give our customers the opportunity to purchase used equipment at reduced rates. You also have the benefits of maintaining the original manufacturer’s warranty, if one remains. We will never sacrifice quality by using off-brand or imported equipment. Contact us today so your team can experience the latest in welding technology with CK Supply.


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