Bobcat 230

Get the legendary performance you expect — now redefined to set new standards for arc quality and ease of use.

  • Smooth Arcs

    • Get unparalleled welding performance with 7018 and 6010 stick electrodes.
    • Arcs start easily and create less spatter, delivering more of the productivity you need.
  • Easy to Use

    The new single-knob design makes it quick and simple to precisely set and view amperage and voltage — so weld parameters are accurate.

  • No Arc Interference

    Get full auxiliary power with no arc interference, for superior weld quality.

  • No Power Spikes

    Jobsite tools can run without interruption, helping you get more done.

  • Lighter and Smaller

    The Bobcat 230 weighs less than any other engine-driven welder in its class. It’s over 100 pounds lighter and 13% smaller than previous models, so it’s easier to move and takes up less space on trucks.

  • Reduces Unplanned Downtime

    The digital fuel gauge and maintenance indicators help you schedule refueling and service, which helps reduce unplanned downtime.

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