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What Is Welding Cable?

A welding cable is a cable that’s designed for the purpose of handling high voltage currents. These cables normally consist of a single, finely stranded conductor with a single layer of neoprene, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These popular, portable cords are used in various welding applications as well as many power supply applications.

At Cee Kay, we have all of the welding cables and accessories you need in stock.

Welding cables can be used in a variety of ways outside of welding, but it depends on the applications. However, these cables are mainly designed for use with connections from electrode holder and clamp to arc welder, welding box, bus, or transformer.

Types of Welding Cable Supplies We Offer

At Cee Kay, we understand the unique needs of professional welders. They need durable, flexible, and reliable cables and accessories that come with them. We have all of the welding cables and accessories you need in stock. We offer:

  • Welding Lead Cable: Leads are lines that carry the current from the machine to where you’re welding.
  • Welding Ground Cable: This is a solution that ensures that your welding cable stays grounded throughout use.
  • Stingers/Whips: Stingers provide a hold for the electrode and can vary between lightweight and heavy duty.
  • Heavy-Duty Extension Cords: Extension cords give your welding cord the reach it needs.

What Welding Cable Size Do I Need?

Did you know that having the wrong cable size can result in the cable being damaged? The last thing you want is equipment failure while you’re in the middle of a project. In order to do a job right, you need the right cable size. While finding the right welding cable size for the job can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be.

At Cee Kay, we’re experts in welding supplies. With the help of our experienced staff, we’ll figure out the answer to your problem. To find your solution, there are a few specifications we take into consideration, like:

  • Ampacity: This is the maximum amount of current your cable can handle safely.
  • Insulation: Welding cable insulation usually includes neoprene, EPDM, or PVC. The right insulation option depends on the job and surrounding environment.
  • Length: Your cable needs to be long enough to reach all corners of the area in which you expect to be welding.
  • Gauge: Length and diameter affect the ampacity.
  • Flexibility: If you expect to be moving around a lot with the cord, you’ll want a cord with a higher strand count. The higher the count, the more flexible the cord is.
  • Color: While having different colored cables isn’t absolutely necessary, it will help you when you need to distinguish certain cables from others.

After we identify your cable solution, we can provide all of the welding cables you need.

Find the Welding Cable Solution You Need

No matter the length, ampacity, or thickness of the welding cabling, we have the supplies you need.

Different Types of Stranding

There are two primary types of stranding used when making a welding cable. The first type is known as a Class K cable. These cables use 30 American wire gauge (AWG) strands and are considered the standard for welding cables. The second type is known as Class M. These cables use slightly bigger 34 AWG strands and are more durable and flexible than the Class K cables. Whether you need Class K or M, Cee Kay has the welding cables you need for your project.

Welding Cable Safety

Welding isn’t exactly the safest occupation, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous either. Learning safety training and following proper safety precautions can prevent avoidable injuries. Taking the necessary safety measures doesn’t just mean wearing a mask when welding—it also extends to your cables. To stay safe, it’s important to regularly check for imperfections in your cables and clean up any surrounding grease and oil. If you notice any damage within three feet of the electrode, that cable will need to be replaced.

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