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High-Quality Liquid Nitrogen is Critical for Commercial Flash Freezing

Freezing food to improve quality. This is crucial for foods that need to retain freshness for transport or storage. What is important to businesses is the methods they use to freeze food. Conventional freezer systems like those found in residential freezers take a long time to reduce food to frozen temperatures, and if food isn’t separated, they can thaw out into an unrecognizable lump. This process takes an hour, in some cases, which can put a time strain on supply chains that are based on timing.

Commercial flash-freezers, blast chillers, & tunnel freezers take fresh food from room temperature or warmer and reduce their internal temperature to -20 degrees or less. The secret to these methods is high-quality liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide. With summer coming to a close and growing seasons reaching the end, businesses all over the area will need bulk liquid source to quickly and safely freeze their harvest for the coming months. Businesses that use liquid nitrogen and CO2 include:

  • Bakeries
  • Meat packing
  • Produce
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Beverage

Methods of Flash Freezing Food

Food that is picked at the peak of freshness and flash frozen is the best method to preserve taste, texture, quality, and nutrients. Modern commercial freezing methods have discovered that they can freeze foods in a matter of minutes. CK Supply supplies the cryogenic gases that support these methods. Popular commercial flash freezing methods vary by industry and application. They depend greatly on the volume of food that needs to be frozen and popular methods include:

  • Multi-station plate

    Trays holding individual packages of food are placed on hollow metal shelves inside a cabinet which are then cooled to below-zero temperatures. This method also keeps the food under slight pressure even as it expands.

  • Air-blast freezing tunnels

    Packaged products are placed on trays which are pushed through a freezing tunnel. This is popular for bulk products as the time needed to freeze is carefully controlled.

  • Fluidized bed freezers

    Cold air is blown with such force that individual pieces of product float in the stream of cold air while it freezes. .

  • Foods

    Pizza, Microwavable Meals, Breakfast, Burritos, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Veggie Burgers, Plant Based Proteins, Mexican Meals, Italian Dinners, Chicken Strips, Desserts, and many more!

These methods require industrial methods of cooling and we service businesses that need constant supply of high-quality liquid nitrogen.

Customize Your Equipment

We can size the right equipment and technology on the unique requirements of your product.

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CK Supply Has Bulk and Microbulk Liquid Nitrogen and Bulk Liquid CO2 For All Your Flash Freezing Needs

Liquid nitrogen flash food freezing delivers a level of quality, convenience, and efficiency over other methods of freezing and CK Supply has been a local supplier for decades. Our delivery methods cover bulk and microbulk deliveries and we can customize delivery methods. We are more than a supplier of chemicals and gases— we actively work with customers to determine the easiest and most efficient delivery solutions to reduce the likelihood of a shortage of important gases that would threaten order fulfillment.

When your business needs a reliable, consistent supply of high quality liquid nitrogen or CO2, reach out to us today. We are happy to consult about our delivery methods and work with you to solidify your liquid flash freezing chemical needs.


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