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How Impactful Are Welding Robots?

As manufacturing processes increase in complexity and productivity expectations increase in volume, more businesses are turning to automated welding systems for their cutting needs. These systems handle straightforward tasks and allow your workers to focus on more important jobs at your facility. But how impactful are welding robots? Read more about the effect robotics has […]

Calibration Gases and How They Increase Workplace Safety

Guide to Calibration Gases Accurate measurements of industrial gas levels are crucial for maintaining safety in multiple industries. Malfunctioning gas detectors increase the exposure of health hazards to employees and the public. That’s why workers use calibration gases to verify that gas detecting equipment is working properly. Calibration gases are gaseous components used to contain […]

The Different Types of Welds and Joints

Types of Welds and Joints Welding is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge and skill. Over the centuries, several techniques of welds and joints have developed to increase efficiency. Read more about the types of welds and joints used in various industries and the selection of welding tools and equipment offered by CK Supply. […]

Welding Equipment in Construction

Construction Site Welding Technology The roots of welding go as far back as the Bronze Age, but its origins in the construction industry began in the early 19th century when stud welding debuted. Since then, various welding techniques have made constructing sturdier buildings possible. Read more about the techniques welder builders use and recent advancements […]

Uses of Industrial Gases in Manufacturing

Industrial gases play a key role in various manufacturing processes. Depending on the industry, they’re used to improve safety, productivity, or product quality. Read more about the uses of industrial gases in this blog. Argon Welding and Casting Argon is one of the most commonly used gases in welding and casting applications. Argon is very […]